Sunday, January 12, 2014

Trouble in Paradise

Welcome to Pattaya, a beautiful tropical tourist city in Thailand. The warm ocean air flows across the land as tourists flooded the busy streets. Among all of the beauty in Pattaya, there is a dark side to paradise. Before coming to Pattaya, we were warned about staying together in a large group and to avoid traveling alone. Unlike all of the other places we have visited, this was the first time I had ever noticed a hint of concern in my professors’ and tour guide’s face. Prostitution and shady tourist are often overshadowed by the beauty of Pattaya but they are everywhere. As I watched older European males with young Thai woman, I think about how people with power exploit vulnerable people. The beauty of Pattaya will stick with me as well as the hidden side of Pattaya, each shaping their own image in my head.                 

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