Sunday, January 12, 2014

A day at the University

January 9- On Thursday we went to Rajabpat University and were paired up with a student. I was paired with a girl named Maytinee. She didn't speak much English so it was hard to communicate with her. We showed pictures of our family members and pets. It was easier to communicate when we used a picture. She kept saying "sorry" because she didn't understand my questions. It was frustrating at times but we made it work! We spent the whole day there with our new friend and they took us around their campus. Maytinee even took me on her scooter! It was so much fun! I really want one now, but I don't think it would work to well in the snow! The students took us to the black temple, it was nothing like I expected. It had a lot of dead animals displayed and had a very dark feeling. It was interesting to experience! My favorite thing that we did together was visit the white temple. It is gorgeous. Pictures don't do justice. I was in awe just trying to take everything in. I can't even imagine the amount of time that went into creating it. I was only there for an hour and that wasn't enough time to really take everything in. This was a really long day but I really learned a lot and made a new friend! :)

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