Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Thai Hospitality

     One of the first realizations the group concluded upon when arriving in Thailand was the genuine sincere niceness of the residents.  Everywhere we have toured thus far has greeted us with such kindnesss and you know it is not just a front put on for the good of their business.  Everyone in Thailand has been helpful and kind to us in a manner I never considered would occur.  I've heard of Minnesota nice, but the Thai people are more than nice, they are so welcoming and hospitable.  It is difficult to feel out of place or down when you are welcomed with a smile everyday.  
     We have received a small gift from nearly every place we have visited thus far.  These gifts have been nothing expensive but they are meaningful and a way to connect and remember people and visits by.  Such is the culture that bases itself off making  personal relationships and collectivism.  It is great fun to be in a place that is happy you are around.  It opens up and eases the learning environment tremendously. 

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