Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Blog #4- Tom Lonergan

With just over a week remaining in Thailand, I am still enjoying every minute here. Below zero temperatures across much of the northern U.S. has made me truely appreciate the beautiful weather Thailand has to offer.
Riding elephants in Chiang Mai was a great time. Learning the history and importance of the elephant in the Thai culture was very interesting to me. Elephants have always been one of my favorite animals and now I see them in an even more positive light.
Leaving Chiang Mai was sad, as I have grown very fond of the city in my short time there. I have always enjoyed the mid sized city environment and Chiang Mai fit the build perfectly, especially compared to the bustle and political turmoil in Bangkok.
The home stay in the mountains outside of Chiang Mai gave me a good idea of what life was like in rural Thailand. The beauty of the area and the simplicity of the village made me rethink what material things you need to lead a happy life. With my time here winding down I continue to take every opportunity I have to try something new and very much look forward to our remaining activities and visits.

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