Sunday, January 12, 2014

#4 - Riding Elephants and Oxen

This is probably one of my favorite things we did on this trip. Riding the elephants and oxen was so much fun although I was scared. It was interesting to see how the people lived with and raised elephants. I was surprised to hear that the owners take the elephants into the jungle to sleep every night and get them every morning. I
One of the elephants at the park drew this.
All I know is that this is better than anything I could have done. 

 I remember being so scared while taking these pictures with the ox. The owner of the ox were taking our pictures and these oxen were walking ahead without him.

Another thing we need on this trip was going river rafting. During this, we were able to see Thailand's beautiful scenery. I was able to see how the people lived with the elephants on the hills, what they did, and how they were able to make use of what they got. It seemed like they used all the resources they had and did not let things go to waste. This is something I should take with me as I head back to the US as I tend not to use everything I have to its fullest.

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