Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hilltribe Village

Yesterday we went to visit the hill tribe village of one of the Lahu tribes.  It was quite eye opening to go into the village and see how they didn't have a running water system.  This was very different from the village that we stayed in when we were at our home stay.  We met with the leader of the village and he spoke about how his community was apart of the home stay and many of them were farmers to earn their income.  It felt so good to see how happy the kids were and to have them coming from all directions to come and play with us.  There was one little boy that was playing with Tom and was using the Frisbee in his own way to hit the football back to Tom.  He also lost the football in the little tube under the roadway and ran over to get a stick and get the football out.  It was just amazing to me how creative and smart this little boy was, it really seemed to me that he was able to think on his own and wasn't sheltered by his parents.  It makes me compare that to how my sister sometimes raises her boys, how she is sometimes just hovering and I watch them get frustrated with her.  They even have tempers with her when she does it, but these little ones just seemed so care free and I don't always see that in my nephews.  I mean my sister is a great mother but sometimes boys just need to be boys.

When we were walking around the village, I was wondering what the leader was doing about the garbage that was just laying around.  Above are pigs that were just walking and picking through the garbage.  There were chickens that were picking at the Styrofoam and that was just normal for the village leader and people to see.  When I asked the leader about garbage, it just wasn't on top of his priority of things to address.  It was just so different how differently the village leaders thought about their villages and what they made priorities.

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