Saturday, January 4, 2014

Post #3 elephant riding

Elephant riding was one of the things I was most excited about when coming to Thailand. I was expecting something totally different than what we got to do.  I was in awe that elephants just graze around like horses do in the States.  Getting to ride in a cart pulled by cattle was so funny to me. That's not something you see or get to do back home.  After about a 15 minute ride on the cart we got to board on top of the elephant. It was a little scary at first because we were only held in by a bar that we had to hang onto.  It just blows my mind that the tour guides ride on top of the elephants necks.  I think elephants are my new favorite animal, I can't believe how smart they are.  Getting to interact with them was so much fun.

I also really enjoyed getting to raft down the river.  Our guide was hilarious.  I just love how happy people seem to be here.  I didn't bring my camera on the raft and at first I was upset,  but I'm happy I didn't because I was able to take everything in.  It was so peaceful floating down the river taking in all the scenery. I don't think I'll ever be able to explain that beauty to anyone back home.  My favorite part was floating past the elephant hospital,  where there was music playing.  The elephants were dancing and it just made me so happy. It makes me want to come back and live by an elephant camp so I can learn more about them, but we'll see what happens ;).

-Samantha Solmonson

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