Thursday, January 9, 2014

Animals in Thailand

The elephant is by far my favorite animal that I have come across here in Thailand. They seem so calm and happy. Even when we were floating down the river we saw some at the elephant hospital and they were dancing to the music from the near by village. It didn't seem real and it felt like I was watching a movie. The elephants are very intelligent. When we went to ride elephants there was a show where the elephants performed their talents. Some kicked soccer balls into a goal, played basketball, played music, danced, and one even painted a picture! I couldn't believe how good it was! The baby elephants are adorable and I don't know how you couldn't love them! 
Some of the other animals here are cats and dogs. I love dogs but not the ones in Thailand. I'm actually scared of them! All of cats and dogs run around freely. They are friendly but I think most don't get shots or are neutered. Some of the cats and dogs here have rabies. There have been dogs that we came across that have red eyes and were running in a circle. You just need to be careful. 

At our home stay we went on a hike through the jungle. Although I didn't see any animals our tour guide explained what kinds of animals lived there. He said there was lots of gibbons. I was just worried I was going to come across a snake! He told us that the snakes were down by the water and wouldn't come by us. I was glad to here that! I did get to see real snakes when I went to visit the black temple. I was caught really off guard and thought they were kidding when they told us we were going to see the snakes. There were two snakes just roaming around. I thought they would at least be in a cage or something! There were also dead ones displayed inside, yuck!

In Chang Mai some of us went on a night safari. Since it was at night it was hard to see some of the animals. Some of the animals that we saw were: tigers, elephants, bears, a lot of different species of deer, giraffe, and a lot of other animals!


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