Saturday, January 4, 2014

Letting Go

From the day we arrived in Thailand up until now I have been overwhelmed by the emphasis people put on New Years--signs everywhere, and people wishing you a happy New Year days before and after New Years. On New Years Eve in Chiang Mai the entire group went out to Duke's Pizza.  It was great to come together as a group and have some amazing food that reminded me of home (honestly some of the best pizza I have ever had).  After supper we walked down to the river to buy lanterns--a Thai tradition to let go of the past and start fresh for the new year.  Letting go of my lantern was a very emotional experience, since New Years I have felt very at peace with my life and ready to move forward.  Experiencing Thai culture has provided me with the ambition to start living in the present.  Thailand has allowed me to let go of my control for the future--it has made me realize that planning every detail of my future, worrying about what will come next will only make me unhappy. I have never felt so happy and so free, it is my goal to continue to live in the present.  When I think back to New Years Eve looking up into a sky full of lanterns was so surreal--no picture could capture what I was feeling or seeing. 

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