Monday, January 13, 2014

Healthy Living

Thailand has a different style of healthy living compared to the United States. In Thailand, there are almost no processed foods. Everything is cooked fresh right in front of you. The food seems to be more natural and fresh compared to the United States. I was told that in Bangkok, people living in apartments do not always have a kitchen. (This is so the smell of food does not leak into another person's room.) Since people cannot cook their own food, they have to go to markets or street vendors to find food.

In Thailand, there seems to be more fresh fruits available as well as a larger variety. Plus the price is very reasonable. In Thailand, I can walk outside my hotel and buy a bag of fruit for less than two dollars. I feel like this can encourage people to eat healthier since it is more available to them. In the United States, eating healthy is very expensive. It is cheaper to buy McDonald's for dinner versus preparing a healthy meal.

I have also noticed in Thailand the proportions are smaller compared to the United States. At a restaurant in the United States, you are given a plate filled with more food than you could possibly eat. At restaurants in Thailand, I am given smaller proportions so I do not over eat. I know my eyes are usually bigger than my stomach, so I tend to get more food than I can actually eat. This causes me to then waste food. With smaller proportions in Thailand, I do not feel like I am wasting so much food.

Another thing I noticed is in Thailand sanitation does not seem to be as much as a concern like it is in the United States. People do not seem as concerned with making sure everything is spotless, including hotels and restaurants. Also, it is not completely out of the norm for people to not wash their hands after they use the restroom. With all the outside markets and vendors, I know some bugs are bound to end up in the food. It does not seem to bother the Thai people as much as it would bother me. I think it is just the cultural difference and what you are used to.

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