Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Home Stay

We  stayed at a home stay in a village in  northern  Thailand.  The  village was located in the mountain jungle.  The home stay gave us a deeper look into a  different kind of  Thai culture. We got to see first-hand how important families are in Thailand. The family I stayed with consisted of the grandparents, their daughters, and their grandchildren. Each family member had their own part.  The  grandparents  cooked and their daughters took care of the children.

Most of the members of the family could not speak English very well. We had to use hand gestures and body movements to communicate. I learned one form of non verbal  communication which is universal no matter what language: a smile.  I  did a  lot of  laughing with the family I stayed with. The house was very fascinating.

 It was very interesting talking to the leader of the village.  We got to learn about how the village works and  the history of the village.  One interesting thing I learned which really stands out is how the the economy works. The village pools all their money together, so working benefits every person. One of the main products the village produces is coffee, which was delicious!

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