Saturday, January 4, 2014

Fun in Thailand

Fun In Thailand

            The past few days have been amazing we had the opportunity to take part in some breath taking activities. On New Year’s Day we went zip lining and I am usually scared of heights but the rest of the group was so encouraging and supportive they helped to focus on the fun aspect of the activity. The day after we got to go on a night safari and we saw a tiger show which was really cool to see even though it was difficult to see the animals in the cage instead of their natural habitat the show was very nice. On the third of January I got my massage which was something I truly needed, the teachers were very talented and it was very relaxing. The one thing that was really nice was that they offered us tea after the massage which very hospitable of them to do and I was very thankful for that. As for today I did the elephant riding and learned so much about the elephants they are very smart animals and it was nice to ride on one.

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