Sunday, January 12, 2014


One thing I have noticed while in  Thailand  is there is a noticeable difference between the behaviors of people from northern  Thailand versus people in  Bangkok.  While in the north, people were so nice!  Everyone always seemed very friendly.  We were greeted everywhere we went.  The people working at the market or at the stores were so grateful  and appreciative of  our  business.  The price of taxis were reasonable.  At the hotels,  the employees always tried to help  me  carry my luggage even if I said,  no it's too heavy. Everyone just seemed happy!

 In  Bangkok,  people did not act as nice.  When walking through stores and markets, I felt like everyone was staring at me and judging me. I  never received a warm or friendly greeting.  No one really said anything to me. I  heard stories from the other students about taxi drivers scamming  them out of their money.

 It's very interesting to see the difference in culture and behavior of one part of the country compared to another.  Perhaps  Bangkok's  industrialization has a negative influence on the people living there.  Personally, I  would choose the warm and inviting hospitality of the north.

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