Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Little Village

This picture was from the waterfall that we hiked to during our home stay.  When I think things are at their best here in Thailand, we do something else that is more amazing then the activity prior.  At first, I was dreading the home stay, I won't lie to anyone.  I was uneasy going into someone else's home and being their guest when I couldn't even communicate with them.  We arrived at this little village early in the morning and the first thing I did was get an iced coffee.  This was the best coffee I have ever tasted!  (I did purchase 3 lbs of it to bring back home…)  When I got to the village I didn't feel like an outsider like I thought I would.  I felt so welcomed and the people in the village almost seemed excited to have us come and stay with them.  That lunch and evening we ate in a different household because the lady who owned our home was at the hospital because of knee pain.  A little before dinner we met our home owner and she was the sweetest old lady.  The feeling of being so welcomed had never been so comforting for me while I stayed in her home.  She cooked for us and I felt like she treated us like we were her own kin.

After dinner we were fortunate enough to be able to meet with the village leader.  He was so inspiring the way he has created a village for his people and been able to preserve it and make his vision come to life.  His persistence and love for his people and the land was remarkable.  Everything that he did was for his people and he made us feel so welcomed to open up and talk about the things he had.  I felt a connection to him and his willpower to want to keep the "roots" of his village in tact.  I wanted the same for him and the village.  To walk through the 134 home village and feel like time was stopped made me feel at peace and forget what day it was and what thing we were going to rush off to next.  My emotions went from dreading the home stay to wishing we could have stayed another night!

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