Sunday, January 12, 2014

Blog #5- Tom Lonergan

Chiang Rai and the visit to the University was a great part of the trip for me. My buddy, J, spoke fairly good English and was a great time to hang out with. The White Temple was incredibly beautiful, definitely among the most beautiful pieces of architecture I have been able to see with my own eyes. The appreciation the students had for our visit was humbling and made me realize the privilege we have being from the U.S..

Heading back to Bangkok on the 11 hour bus trip gave me a little preparation for the impending flights back home. The very cold air conditioning that the bus company felt necessary to blast was a wake up call for the weather that awaits me back home. Upon arriving, I was reminded of what a massive city Bangkok truely is, with a half a dozen sky cranes in just one city block in some areas. It reinforced my appreciation for mid sized cities like Chiang Mai over the massive sprawling metropolises like Bangkok. The Bangkok weekend market was unlike anything I've ever experienced. Most shocking to me was the insane number of animals that were available to purchase, from sharks to massive pythons.

 Day one in Pattaya was incredible. Swimming in the ocean and tasting the salty water brought back memories of my years living in Bermuda. A slight sunburn has me a bit worried about the long flights home, but a bit of aloe should fix it up quickly. I can't believe how few days I have left here and am not looking forward to returning to the real world. Regardless, I know this experience has changed me forever and I will never forget my time here.

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