Monday, January 13, 2014

Chiang Rai University (blog 5)

Spending a day with the University students was an amazing experience it was so interesting that even though we weren't from the same culture and there was a language barrier we were still able to have a great time it felt as though there was a universal language that we all understood. They were really excited to show us around the city and their school and most importantly their hospitality was amazing they paid for our lunch and my tour guide bought us water and snacks when we had one on one time. Being able to see the black house which had exotic art work and cultural ancient things, was one of my favorite things of the day, as for the white temple I found it very interesting that he had some modern artwork inside the temple that represented different things his artwork truly got his message across. It was a beautiful temple and we ran into some people from Minnesota which made me see how small the world is. The dinner and the show were amazing they incorporated Thai culture with Chiang Rai culture things that were specific to their city and they took pride in that. 

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