Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Highest Mountain

Going up to the highest mountain in Thailand was an interesting experience. I honestly didn't know what to expect but was looking forward to go into the villages and see how the families lived. 

This little boy was from the Karen village that we visited in the mountain. He was so cute! 

After getting to the top of the mountain, the scenery was unbelievable. Pictures will not give the beautiful scenery justice. Being able to sight see and visiting the beautiful pagodas was probably one of the most unforgettable events during this trip. 

On our way down from the mountain, we stopped by a Hmong village shopping area. It was interesting to see how they lived as it was probably similar to how my parents lived before the war. I remember speaking Hmong while shopping and getting a surprised look from the owners. It was interesting talking to the people there. They looked happy which made me think about my dad and how he says he wants to come back to this area. 

These were cute little Hmong kids we met and gave us flowers!

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