Saturday, January 4, 2014

January 3rd

Jan 3rd- We had two visits today. One was at a psychiatric hospital and the other was at a social security office. The hospital was so interesting. It was very open and the Thai seemed very trust worthy of the patients. The culture is very collective and it seems like such a group effort to make everyone healthy or feel their best. It was also interesting to hear the story about the girl from the hill tribe village that had epilespy. In their culture they were supposed to go to the healer of the village instead of taking medicine. After a while her mom said it was okay to take medicine and she now wants to finish her education.
The social security office and rehabilitation center was really nice. It was nothing like I expected. We were treated very well. They had some power points to show us and they served us a drink and a snack. It was very good hospitality. Their system is similar to ours but has differences. It has the same concept but they add other things to it. This place was not just were the officials met but it was also were people would stay if they got injured while on the job. It was enormous and the facility had so many activities for them.
One thing I've really noticed while in Thailand is how nice the people are here. They are always giving even when they have nothing. It truly amazes me. Some examples are: the hotel staff gave all of us little notepads for New Years, a stranger gave us chicken when we were in a taxi on the way home from our night out on New Year's Eve, and we got a key chain from the social security office. I feel like they just keep giving. It is so nice. The other thing that I have noticed is that they are so humorous and they love practicing their English. Time is flying by here! Only a week and a half left!

Showing us some of the activities they have at the hospital. 

 Some of the things that they make at the social security office. 

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