Monday, January 13, 2014

Hill Tribes Organization (blog 6)

Visiting the Hill tribes organization was an honor and am so glad that it was incorporated into the program, in many cases minorities are expected to integrate with the majority and become part of them and this organization was helping the Hill tribes keep their cultures even though the government made them move away from their original villages. At the Lahu village when we walked through the museum the video they played the last thing the video stated was that “when a tribe is forced to move out of it original home part of the culture is lost” and I couldn’t agree more with that statement because where the culture started is essential for that culture to keep growing because that is where its roots are. I got the opportunity to speak with our tour guide for the village and he told me that he leaves the village to go to work and comes back and in the near future he will move out of the village to get closer to his job while he was telling me this I could see that he didn’t want to leave his village but that is what the circumstances were. 

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